About us

VIGSTATA is an enterprise providing services for the marine industry. Range of our activity includes diverse ship insulation, mounting works and oil plants/platforms insulation. We are also well experienced in construction of telecommunication units. Company VIGSTATA is actively present in the market since 2015 and has participated in implementation of a large number of newly constructed objects. We work in an international market offering our services to world-wide known general contractors in shipbuilding as well as to oil plants/platforms constructors. Our goal is highly qualified satisfaction of our customer’s requests. VIGSTATA reaches this aim with the help of well experienced team of professionals, flexible approach and high end technologies. Our professionals combine usage of contemporary materials, both traditional and modern techniques which all end up in high quality solutions ensuring added value to the customer. In every single sphere we work exceptionally professionally, we keep up to the discipline, deliver our services on-time and within budget, gaining our customers‘ trust this way .

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